WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

wordpress mistakes-geektricks
These are six easy steps to follow that will make you aware of the WordPress mistakes to avoid, to ensure that you protect your site and make it function to its optimal potential. From protecting it from hackers to making sure that it runs at...
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Android Mind Games that will blow your mind

With the hundreds of mind games for android to choose from, it is sometimes difficult to make up your mind. So we have compiled a list of the best mind games that will keep you constantly entertained. Everybody loves to play those Android Mind Games...
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Top Ways to attract clients

Happy Clients-Geektricks
Just understanding your client’s needs and clear communication will help you have a special space in your client’s heart. You are more likely to end up with a fruitful relationship for a longer period. If you are running a business, keeping your people happy in...
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Top 50 Ways to Build a New Startup

New startup-Geektricks
Follow some of the effective management and business techniques to establish your business. At least you will learn something new. How to make your own company or in other words, to start a new company, invests your time and money but it can be make...
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Protect Against AutoRun Viruses

It is important that in today’s time, you must use techniques to stay protected from viruses affecting your computer. Even if these are Autorun or firmware  viruses. Hackers keep themselves updated with newer techniques like Autorun viruses and several others. The only motive behind this...
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How to Increase Height Naturally?

Grow tall naturally-Geektricks
There can be genetic as well as non-genetic reasons behind short height but height can be increased naturally through regular exercising and in taking right diet. Apart from this, our body secretes Human Growth Hormone(HGH). Pituitary gland secrets HGH hormones that help in elongating our...
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Android SDK Installation on Windows OS

Installing Android SDK on Windows PC requires you to follow some simple steps and entering the commands as explained in the tutorial. You just need to be cautious about the location where you are installing Android SDK You will need to install Android SDK on...
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